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Ground Water & Drinking Water

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  2. 48709How can I get my tap water tested?
  3. 43895Is bottled water safer than tap water?
  4. 27523How long can bottled water be stored?
  5. 24060How can I find the phone number for my local water company?
  6. 23088How can I find out if my water system is in compliance and providing safe drinking water, other than contacting the water company?
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  2. 3/30/2015Most Drinking Water containers for bacterial collection has Na Thio calculated for 100ml. Can a laboratory invalidate a sample if it arrives with 110ml? Is there a EPA reference?
  3. 3/25/2015Appendix B to 40 CFR Part 136 is proposed to be changed with the current MUR. How will this be applied to the SDWA? Some approved methods reference Appendix B of part 136 (example: OIA-1677 and HachTNTplus 835/836 Method 10206) will this change their MDL requirements? Other methods (example: EPA 300.0 and 524.2) have MDL procedures written into them without a reference to Appendix B of part 136, but generally follow the procedures the way they currently are written. Will these methods be affected? Part 141 specifies Part 136 appendix B be used (example (20) Each certified laboratory must determine the method detection limit (MDL), as defined in appendix B to part 136, at which it is capable of detecting VOCs. The acceptable MDL is 0.0005 mg/l. This concentration is the detection concentration for purposes of this section. Will this requirement override the requirement that the laboratory must follow the method?
  4. 3/11/2015What are reasons to test my private well?
  5. 3/11/2015Can Native American tribes receive primacy for the UIC Program?
  6. 3/11/2015Do operators of injection wells have to monitor the ground water near their wells?
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