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Ground Water & Drinking Water

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  2. 38287How can I get my tap water tested?
  3. 36998Is bottled water safer than tap water?
  4. 24328How long can bottled water be stored?
  5. 20315How can I find out if my water system is in compliance and providing safe drinking water, other than contacting the water company?
  6. 17832Does boiling water remove minerals?
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  2. 4/16/2014EPA Method 200.8-How many calibration solutions and which one(s) should be run after the calibration routine, every ten analyses, and at the end of the sample run for checking instrument performance?
  3. 4/14/2014My area is under a boil water advisory, is it safe to bath or shower?
  4. 4/10/2014Why is the Safe Drinking Water Hotline's 800 number listed if the Hotline cannot provide local water quality information?
  5. 4/9/2014In method 504.1 it states in 8.3.2 "Because 1,2,3-trichloropropane has been added to the analyte list in this method and has been found to have a 14-day maximum holding time in studies conducted for Method 524.2 , all samples must be extracted within 14 days of collection. Samples not analyzed within this period must be discarded and replaced. Because of the potential for solvent evaporation, it is preferred that extracts be analyzed immediately following preparation. When necessary, extracts may be stored in tightly capped vials (Section 6.2) at 4°C or less for up to 24 hours." If 1,2,3-trichloropropane is not analyzed for (i.e., only analyze for EDB/DBCP) can the holding time be extended (i.e. 28 days)?
  6. 4/9/2014When viewing MCLs, documents typically state something similar to "long-term exposure." Is there a specific amount of water consumed per day over a specific period of time that the statement represents?
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