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Ground Water & Drinking Water

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  2. 41341How can I get my tap water tested?
  3. 39138Is bottled water safer than tap water?
  4. 25251How long can bottled water be stored?
  5. 21314How can I find out if my water system is in compliance and providing safe drinking water, other than contacting the water company?
  6. 19369How can I find the phone number for my local water company?
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  2. 7/28/2014I found this language verbatim on both your website and the CDC's, "Yes, if you and your child are among the 196 million Americans who receive their water from an optimally fluoridated community water system (0.7 to 1.2 milligrams per liter) and you follow guidelines in your child's toothbrushing, then it is highly unlikely that your child is receiving too much fluoride." Who originally wrote this phrase, the EPA or the CDC?
  3. 7/28/2014I am interested in the methodology that was relied upon to determine the 500 ppb level for PCBs in drinking water. Specifically how was the MCL calculated? And from what studies and which uncertainty factors were used?
  4. 7/28/2014I am very curious if there are currently any federal laws that would pertain to protection of aquifers as a natural resource. I know states implement their own management plans but if the water is depleting are there measures that can be taken to protect it? When a species number is low, they are protected by law. Are there protections for aquifers?
  5. 7/28/2014TCR: In some rural community water systems, the service connections are very scattered. So, in rural setting, it may be common to travel well beyond 500 linear feet to obtain a bacteria repeat sample. Would it be acceptable for the system in question to collect their upstream and downstream samples from the nearest hydrants?
  6. 7/28/2014I am seeking guidance as it applies to the Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (IESWTR) and Ground Water Rule (GWR). Where should I look for the relevant documents?
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