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Ground Water & Drinking Water

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  2. 50204How can I get my tap water tested?
  3. 44533Is bottled water safer than tap water?
  4. 27683How long can bottled water be stored?
  5. 24754How can I find the phone number for my local water company?
  6. 23239How can I find out if my water system is in compliance and providing safe drinking water, other than contacting the water company?
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  2. 05/26/2015I have heard that EPA regulations regarding the amount of fluoride added to drinking water are changing. Could you expound on how these changes are taking shape?
  3. 05/21/2015A community water system (CWS), using chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant, draws routine daily monitoring samples for chlorite at the entrance to the distribution system. If a CWS exceeds the MCL for chlorite, what additional monitoring must the system conduct?
  4. 05/21/2015A consultant has offered to help my organization prepare our application if we agree to hire her firm as a technical assistance provider if our application is successful. Is that practice acceptable to EPA?
  5. 05/21/2015A public water system (PWS) supplied by a surface water source or a ground water source under the direct influence of surface water must monitor the residual disinfectant level in the distribution system (40 CFR 141.74). At what points in the distribution system must these samples be taken? How often must a PWS take samples?
  6. 05/21/2015After we completed the vulnerability assessment for our water system, we decided to upgrade our facility. Where can I find information regarding products designed to increase security?
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