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Ground Water & Drinking Water

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  2. 49293How can I get my tap water tested?
  3. 44138Is bottled water safer than tap water?
  4. 27576How long can bottled water be stored?
  5. 24316How can I find the phone number for my local water company?
  6. 23141How can I find out if my water system is in compliance and providing safe drinking water, other than contacting the water company?
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  2. 4/14/2015I would like to know the EPA's opinion regarding using the EPA Method 200.7 for testing lead in drinking water. Specifically, will EPA accept the results? I have found that EPA Method 200.5 is approved for lead in drinking water under Alternative Testing Methods. I also found that in the Federal Register (Vol. 77, No. 97), EPA has found 200.5 and 200.7 acceptable for 40 CFR 136. Is also true for 40 CFR 141?
  3. 4/14/2015What are EPA’s drinking water testing requirements when buying or selling a home with a private household well?
  4. 4/14/2015I work at a water analysis lab and have run into a question concerning Method 548 calibration. In EPA method 548(gc/ms) it mentions prepping cal stds in triplicate. While calibrating must 3 calibration curves be generated?
  5. 4/14/2015Is collision/reaction cell technology allowable for regulated drinking water? Would collision/reaction cell technology be permissible for non-regulated drinking water? If this technology is not allowed, will it be allowable in the future?
  6. 4/14/2015I am attempting to understand the contaminant values I received after having my water tested. It uses different units of measurement than the EPA website does for the contaminants. How do I compare?
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